Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This Week's Featured Vendors

Fincastle resident, Emily Field, is home for the summer from her studies at Marlboro College in Vermont. When her culinary talents produced far more jams and baked goods than her family could consume, she joined the Botetourt Family Farms group and began selling her creations at their weekly Farmers' Market, held ever Saturday from 8am until 1pm (or sell-out) in the parking lot of Ikenberry's on US 220 N of Daleville. At a recent market, she offered strawberry, blackberry and grape jellies, as well as peach and mocha coffeecakes, scones, bagels and sticky buns. Emily uses local eggs and organic milk in her baked goods. Since she will soon be returning to college, she encourages market patrons to stop by and sample her wares. She will be using her summer earnings to help finance her education.

Recently celebrating his 86th birthday, Ed Collins may be living proof of what an active lifestyle and fresh vegetables can do for a person's health and well-being. As Ed tells it, he's been gardening his whole life. So, it's not surprising that he'd have a table full of beautiful tomatoes, squash and peppers at the Botetourt Farmers' Market. He raises vegetables at his home in southern Botetourt, where he lives with his wife, and still tends his own yard as well as his garden. He enjoys being at the market, as well as working outdoors, and invites patrons to stop by on Saturdays to taste the difference between homegrown and "store-bought" produce

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