Friday, August 7, 2009

August 8, 2009 Farmers' Market Offerings

Greetings! Full Circle Farm hopes to see you at the market this
Saturday with freshly milled whole grain products like our Milk and
Honey Bread, Seedy Loaf, Spelt-Rye Almond Raisin, Pizza Crusts, Mixes
and other goodies. We are currently sold out of meats but plan on
having more available by September and October.

See you at the market!

L and D will bring eggs, tomato pies, jams, jellies, pickles, relishes, potatoes, cucumbers, and yellow squash. See ya there!

Brambleberry Farm has eggs, tender yellow and purple beans, Mid-Eastern summer squashes, the first of the Winter Squash -- small pumpkins great for pies, all those weird cucumbers, which are great for salads and pickles, home-brewed peach and blackberry vinegars, bread & butter pickles, and fresh peach cakes. Color is the theme this week.

There will be chicken for sale.

Al the soapman from Keltic Myst will be there with his soaps and body products.

The Ruggles' will be there with their usual assortment of great foods.

Better Batter Baking will be there with:
*Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins (made with spelt, oats and flaxseed)
*Banana Zucchini Teff Cookies (some of these I made vegan)
*Wineberry and White Chocolate Scones
*Peach Scones
*Berry Cornmeal Muffins
All items using local produce and dairy!

Wendy Hayth-Perdue
Baked goods made with alternatives to wheat! -

...and as they say, "Much, much more...

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