Friday, January 21, 2011

Growing for Sustainability Workshop in Roanoke VA

Announcement Hot off the Electrons:

Growing for Sustainability Workshop in Roanoke VA

Please join us for the 11th annual Roanoke Tree Care Workshop. We have a great set of speakers and agenda. This year we have for the first time on line registration through the Trees Virginia website ( ). Here you can register and pay through PayPal; or print the registration form and mail it in with payment as usual.

Scaling Up and Scaling Down for Climate Change and Tree Care

Predictions of climate change are based on measurements of truly planetary and long-term
processes. These global processes will likely result in increased frequency of storms, and
drought. Although these challenges are real, we can improve the quality of our community
trees through applying an understanding of the basics of tree biology.

Kevin T. Smith, PhD, Plant Physiologist, USDA Forest Service

Dysfunctional Tree Root Systems and Brief Landscape Lives

This session will review the most common dysfunctional root systems, their relationship to
the premature decline of tree health and most importantly, offer some solutions to the growing
problem of short-lived trees.

Gary Johnson, PhD, Professor, Urban and Community Forestry, U of MN,

What's New in Pest Management for Landscape Plants

Don Booth, PhD Bartlett Tree Research Laboratory

Sustainable Landscapes: The Sustainable Sites Initiative

A national initiative that has developed voluntary certification standards for sustainable site
development and landscapes.

Susan Day, PhD, Assistant Professor of Urban Forestry, Virginia Tech

Three Concurrent Rotating Sessions:

1 - Bartlett – Root Examination of Locally Available Planting Stock

2 - Propagation Class in the Science Lab

3 – American Chestnut update, Katy McCune, American Chestnut Foundation

Barbara White
Urban & Community Forestry Partnership Coordinator
900 Natural Resources Dr, suite 800
Charlottesville, VA 22903


All VDOF offices are closed on Firdays

"Urban Forestry is America's Front Line Defense Against Global Climate Change"

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