Friday, September 25, 2009

Botetourt Farmers' Market, Saturday September 26, 2009

Saturday will be a lovely, rainy, cool day. Look for us up on the porch if it's raining hard.

We will have our freshly milled whole grain breads as well as some homemade honey and milk "white bread". We will have a good assortment of home canned fruits and vegetables. We will have extra quarts of tomatoes for those that find tomorrow to be a good "homemade Clilli day" great for the game! Earl and Linda

Rain or shine, Full Circle Farm plans to be at Ikenberry's tomorrow morning with Freshly Milled Milk and Honey Bread, Spelt Milk and Honey Bread, Pizza Crusts, Baguettes, Seedy Loaf and Spelt and
Rye Almond Raisin bread. We will also have some of our freshly milled whole grain pancake cornbread and brownie mixes.
Maybe you want to get some cornbread mix to go with Linda Ruggle's Chili! Perfect for fall! We will have our Locally Grown Wool Hiking Socks to keep your toes warm in the future months. Lamb and beef are at the butcher, aging as you read this email! Can't wait for some nice lamb curry and beef stew. Will keep you posted. Enjoy the wonderful soaking rains! We sure are glad to see water filling up the pond! Philip, Ginger, Thomas, Patrick, Maggie, Rose and Nora

White Oak Dairy will be there with goat cheese, goat milk ricotta cheesecake, and goat milk chocolate. -Anna

Better Batter Baking will be there with baked goods using wheat alternatives such as rice, millet and spelt flours, oats and flaxseed. Items use local dairy and produce, and include:
*Berry White Chocolate Scones
*Chocolate Muffins
*Apple Streusel Muffins
*Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins
Wendy Hayth-Perdue

Ed Collins is bringing gorgeous greens for cooking and tomatoes.

Brambleberry Farm believes that Equinox is the balance achieved when the winter squash and summer squash converge. We’ll have Hubbard squashes and those light green Costata summer squashes (which have decided they will just keep on producing, thank you.) Also on the table: sweet peppers and hot peppers, heritage tomatoes, beautiful mixed lettuces, chard, eggs, vinegars, and pickles. If you’re making chili, you’ll need plenty of red hot peppers, you can chop them up and add to cornbread. You can also buy some apple wine vinegar and some red hot peppers to make your own hot vinegar. Hot peppers can also be placed in good olive oil and aged for a week or two, then taken out to leave some really great oil for Asian stirfry. Another idea: string a bunch of red hot peppers and use as a garland for your Christmas tree! This could be a HOT new trend this holiday season.

Berry Ridge Farms will be there with Farm fresh free range eggs, Our Gluten Free Homemade Loaf, Gluten Free Banana Bread , Gluten Free Pound Cake. See you all there ! Thanks to all of those who have preordered your special items !!!!

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