Sunday, July 26, 2009

Featured Market Vendor

Without delving too deeply into the current films and news articles about commercial food production in the United States, it's safe to say that the average consumer may be looking for less industrialized methods.

Look no further than the Botetourt Farmers' Market, held every Saturday from 8am until 1pm (or sellout) in the parking lot of Ikenberry's on US 220 N.

Blue Ridge Poultry Co-op, a partnership between Botetourt residents Angie Lenoir and Patricia Whitt, features all-natural, non-GMO, pastured chickens.

The birds are raised in moveable pasture pens, providing constant access to sunshine, green grass and insects. They are supplemented with all-natural grain (free from antibiotics, hormones, GMOs and animal bi-products) and fresh water which makes them healthier and happier and ensures their superior taste and nutritional value.

Their cost per pound exceeds that of conventional grocery-store birds, but Blue Ridge Poultry Co-op chickens contain none of the 5 to 30% "solution" added to improve taste and storage. The local birds are so fresh, tender and full of flavor that they don't need it!

When factoring in the number of servings of high-quality protein and the quantity of delicious broth which can be made with the frame, these chickens are definitely worth the price. For more information, visit the Co-op's website:

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