Friday, March 9, 2012

Rain Barrel Construction Workshop

Have you ever thought about the amount of rainwater that runs off of your roof and is diverted to the nearest ditch or creek in addition to the amount of runoff from other impervious surfaces? Rainwater that falls on impervious surfaces (e.g., roads, parking lots and roofs) is not able to naturally filter its way through the soil. As a consequence, the water collects pollutants (sediment, pet waste, nutrients from fertilizers) and eventually makes it way into the storm drains and mixes into the lakes and rivers without being treated. By using a rain barrel at your house you can capture water, use it in your garden, and reduce water pollution.

 Join us on March as the Blue Ridge Soil and Water District walks us through construction of a rain barrel at the Catawba Community Center. Each participant will leave the workshop with his or her very own rain barrel.

 Participants must preregister by March 20th and pay $40 for materials. Please see the attached registration form or contact Kathy Smith at (540) 483-5341 ext. 117 or Christy Gabbard at (540) 767-6114 or

 This workshop is offered as part of the Catawba Landcare Learning Series ( in partnership with the Virginia Tech Catawba Sustainability Center.

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