Friday, September 24, 2010

September 25, 2010 Pork and Apples Day at the Botetourt Farmers' Market

The piggies are coming to the Botetourt Farmers’ Market Pork and Apples Day! Be on the lookout for them.

Donna Henderson will have pickles, pepper jelly and apple cakes.

The Molloys will be roasting and selling coffee on site -- just the thing to go with all those cakes and pies!

The Pie Lady will be at market with lots of dinner and dessert pies!

Happy Pork and Apples Day (almost)! Little Wasprock will be there tomorrow with fresh beets, fresh arugula, a few tomatoes, and peppers. We also will bring banana pepper mustard, sweet potato butter, pepper relish, pound cakes, spelt zucchini bread and apple dumplings. Looking forward to a great day!

Hillbilly Heaven: We will have Our Variety of Pickles, Jams and Dips. We will have Fresh Basil, Green Onions, Fresh Oregano, Pesto and Salsa. I will be baking Cinnamon Buns, Pumpkin Banana Bread. Our Specials for this week will be Apple Oat Bread, Fried Apple pies, Carmel Apples, Apple Chips and Carmel Apple Dip. We may have some produce. Wayne needs to check the garden.

Buffalo Creek Beef: I will be at the market tomorrow with Hot Italian Sausage links cooked with Golden Delicious apples. I tried it out this week and I think it is easy to do. See yall tomorrow

Full Circle Farm: Patrick will be there with our wonderful freshly milled whole grain breads, pizza crusts and mixes. Don't forget to buy a loaf of Milk and Honey bread to go with the wonderful apple butter that will be for sale. And we will be sending pizza crusts to enjoy with the delicious pesto offered by Toni.

John Brock will be popping kettle corn.

The Keitzers will bring organically grown pork and beef for sale.

Ellen Morrow: I'm bringing candles, dishcloths, and some habanero peppers

Pigman and his trusty sidekick will be at the grill cooking pork and apples and giving out samples. There will be an informal apple cooking demonstration at 10 a.m. and a kids’ craft demo at 10:30 related to our theme. Plus much, much more!

Come and join us!

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