Friday, July 16, 2010

July 17, 2001 Farmers’ Market

Miranda Napier says, “I'm getting a break from baseball.... I will be at the market tomorrow with a NEW dessert roll. "Peachy-carmel" I will also bring the usual strawberry, pumpkin and pineapple rolls.”

Lisa Helmick says, “The pie lady will also be there with the usual.”

Anna Wilson, of White Oak Dairy says, “I will be there with goat cheese and goat milk soap.”

Toni Weaver, of Hillbilly Heaven, says, “We will be there tomorrow with our Pickles, Jams, Relishes. We will have Zucchini Pasta with a recipe, One of our cheesecake dips, Salad Cucumbers, Pickling Cucumbers and whatever we pull from the garden this evening.”

Ginger Hillery, of Full Circle Farm says: “Patrick will be representing our family farm tomorrow with freshly milled whole grain breads and pizza crusts.”

Donna Henderson says, “The pickle lady is coming but must leave by 12:00 in order to make a softball game in Salem,”

There will be additional vendors with produce and eggs and ??? (Who knows what might turn up!)

‘See you there.

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