Friday, October 17, 2008

October 18th Market Offerings

Rain or shine, We'll be at Ikenberry's on Saturday morning. Look for us up on the porch if it's raining!

Full Circle Farm will be at the market with freshly ground whole wheat and spelt breads, our specialty mixes, and grass-fed beef. See you there!

We are planning on attending tomorrow and selling jams and apple pies.
thanks, Lara , Peaceful Haven Farm

Brambleberry Farm is bringing eggs, pumpkin brownies, apple bread, dried figs, herb teas, bath teas/sachets, Indian corn, chard, shagbark hickory nuts, cherry tomatoes, and mixed peppers and tomatoes.

Virginia Mountain Vineyard: I will be at the Farmer's Mkt Sat. I plan on bringing wine, jelly, grape juice, biscotti, wooden wine boxes, ornaments (maybe). Marie

There will be plenty of other vendors there with farm produce. Ikenberry's is hosting a Fall Festival, so there'll be lots of surprises, a live band, miniature horse rides, and more!

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